Saturday, January 31, 2015

Buy a pattern, help a cat

As you know., we're all about the cats here at Chez Wandering Cat.

So when our dear friend Natalie asked for birthday donations to help some special little kitties.... well, we just had to step up.

You see, Natalie just recently adopted three gorgeous ginger girls from a cat sanctuary in Greece, called God's Little People. The situation is quite dire in Greece for our feline friends. The rescue recently took in a litter of four beautiful kitties who were living in a dumpster. They've been fixed and vaccinated, but the rescue had is full to capacity and was faced with the prospect of turning them back out to the wild.
Now Natalie's got a huge heart (if you read her blog, you'll know just how huge!) and she's offered to foster them here in Canada, and find them happy homes where they will be spoiled as all cat's should. But they need some help raising the funds to get the kitties here.
And how can you say no to that face? (It reminds me so much of my Rocky, so I certainly can't resist. I'd be offering to adopt one of them if I thought Dave wouldn't notice...)

Natalie and her husband are going to match all donations made, so I thought I'd offer a little incentive as well.

From now, until February 7, all my patterns* will be on sale for 50% off - just use the code GATA (that's greek for cat!).  All monies raised from the pattern sales will be donated to help cover the travel expenses of these sweet little things.
If you've been eyeing one of my patterns - now is the time!

Just use the code GATA, save 50% and help a sweet feline find a new home! Please check out Natalie's blog for more details on this sweet quartet.

*with the exception of Chuck and Katherine, as these patterns already support other charities.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sparkle, sparkly, twink!

The car is still down so I've been working from home all week. And yesterday, I was very thankful.
The storm that my east coast friends endured earlier this week finally made it to us, albiet in a much weakened state. We only got a few inches, but it was that very fine, wet snow that makes the roads nice and greasy. I'm very glad I didn't have to drive.

But, this morning we woke up to a nice, bright, winter wonderland... so pretty!
It almost makes me want to put on a snow suit and go tobogganing. Since my town has banned tobogganing, I think I'll just stay in and knit.

I got the first sleeve of Old Town finished
I'm still not loving her. But fret not, there is someone on my Christmas list who she will suit perfectly. But since I'm no longer feel like I'm knitting her for myself, I just don't have the drive to finish her at the moment. I will.. just to get it done and off my plate... but right now, I'm giving myself a few days respite.

Yesterday, I cast on for my Color Affection
This is a crazy simple pattern. I think the hardest part is choosing your colours and the deciding which order to use them in. I just hope the colour changes keep me from getting too bored... it's a lot of garter stitch! But the Twinkle helps.... just look at it twink!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


As promised, mom took pics of my dry BFL fibre, all braided up and pretty!
 I got nice, rich colour this time.
 There were still a few white spots, but Mom says that blends in nicely in the spinning.
We're still undecided as to whether we are going to start dyeing fiber for the shop. We have yet to search out a regular supplier - Mom's just been buying bare fibre here and there.
I can't wait to see these spin up... but Mom says she's got a lot on her plate right now....

But.... she does have an extra wheel....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When I was up at Mom's on the weekend, she mentioned that she had some boxes of dishes and stuff that once belonged to my great grandmother. We took a quick peek through them and I ended up  with a few new treasures.
A pretty little plate that goes quite well with my current set. I thought it would be nice to use as a serving tray.

There was also a couple of gravy boats (we had a good laugh over that... they'd been sitting in Mom's house all this time...)
I brought this cute little one adorned with acorns and oak leaves home with me. It's about half the size of the one Mom gave me for my birthday. It's like gravy for one! (Which is perfect for when I make roast chicken because Dave is the only one of us who likes gravy on his chicken). I'm thinking I might start a gravy boat collection!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Someone once said that knitters don't buy yarn, they buy potential....
Well these two skeins of potential sat in the shop for a couple of months and didn't sell. I've seen their potential since the day I pulled them out of the dye pot, so they finally came home with me. They are potentially going to become a new cardigan design. (Yarn is Solo Cat and the colour is Steel Town).

And I finally picked up my potential Colour Affection and brought it home
In the end I went with the darker burgundy skein (though it looks quite bright here). As you can see, they are perfect match for my Twyla set. I'm thinking Colour Affection will make good airport/airplane/hotel knitting, so I'll be casting on for this before I leave for Chicago.

And if you're in need of some potential of your own, Mom updated the shop on the weekend. 
Use the code SNOW10 and you can save 10% until the end of the month.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of body

Yesterday morning, I had just two and a half inches to go on the body of Old Town. So I settled in a spot of sunshine with my favourite furry feline and set to work.
It took most of the day (because I was also having a severe ADD day and couldn't sit still for more than two rows at a time). But, by about 7 p.m., I was casting off
If I'm honest, I'm not loving this knit right now. I did the mid-length (just past my bum) but I'm wondering if I should have done the tunic length version (though the thought of knitting that much more on the body makes my eye twitch - not to mention I'm not sure if I have enough yarn).

I tried it on last night and it's just a little.... frumpy.  That said, it has no sleeves, hasn't been blocked and I was still wearing wrinkled the pajamas I'd slept in the night before...

But I'm going to give it a chance. I'm going to finish it. If I don't like it, it can always go in the Christmas box for someone else.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A pop of colour for January

January is just so dull and grey... thankfully, I have dye studio play in.
I dyed up a batch of Twisted Top Cat. Though, admittedly, those shades are a little on the moody side.

But then I conviced Mom to let me take another crack at dyeing some fiber. She tied up some BFL for me and....
That will brighten things up!

I tried a new technique this time and things went much better... and easier. Mom will send me pics when they are all dry and braided up.... and I think I may just have to learn how to spin....