Thursday, December 18, 2014

That's a wrap

I finished up Dave's Mom's scarf pretty quickly
But then I decided I wanted it to be a cowl
A few well-placed buttons solved that problem nicely
So now it can be worn as a scarf, or a cowl, depending on the preference of the wearer...

A proper FO post and pattern release will come this weekend - stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hide 'n' seek

Dave has this thing about the cats... he doesn't mind them in the bed (much) but he's absolutely opposed to them stepping foot on his pillow. I've tried explaining this to the cats, but well... they're cats!!

So, every morning, when Dave gets out of bed, he balls his blanket up and puts it on his pillow so the cats can't sleep there...

But... as I said... they are cats!!!

I came home to this the other night....
Snug as a bug in a rug... but let's not tell Dave....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

O Christmas Tree

We're into single digits now!
And while we're on the topic of trees, I thought I'd show you some pics of mine (to distract you from the lack of knitting of course...)

Like Mom's tree, mine is quite ecclectic. I've always admired the colour-coordinated trees, and Mom and I even tried it one year when I was a teenager. We went out and bought and made a whole bunch of pink, gold and Victorian themed ornaments, but in the end, we were just too attached to the grade school ornaments, the blown glass ones that reminded her of the ones her grandmother had, the ones we crafted together.... we are admittedly a sentimental bunch.

That's probably why, when I moved out and Dad gave me a small (2 ft) pre-lit tree, Mom gave me a bunch of special ornaments that I used to hang on her tree. (It also made room on hers for more ornaments from the girls...)
This one is probably one of the oldest and my most favourite - it was given to me by my Grade 1 teacher, Mrs Ireland. Her husband made a different one for every child in the class (there were more than 20 of us.
I have a great love of Polar Bears, and Coca Cola, so it's only natural that I've collected several Coca Cola Polar bear ornaments over the years. This is just one of them.
 When Dave came on the scene, I got us matching snowmen with our names on them
Mom bought a full set of mini Rudolph ornaments one year, but they were so small they got lost in her full size tree. But they were just perfect for mine. And everyone is there - Rudolph, Clarice, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble...
Mom tree holds the tribute to our former pets, but mine has three of these pretty stained glass kitties in honour of Tux, Rocky and Peno (each one is a different colour). When I worked from the newspaper, there was a fabulous little shop within walking distance that sold the work of local artists. I really hope the shop is still there because I'd love to go back and get some more of this artists work.

My tree may be little, but it's jam packed full of love. Just as it should be.

Do you have a favourite ornament on your tree?

Monday, December 15, 2014

FO: Itty Bitty Kitty

Mom has quite an eclectic tree - she's been collecting ornaments for almost 40 years. The decorations include things she bought when she was first married, things my brother and I made as a child, things my nieces have made and every year we make sure we add at least one new ornament to the tree.

One other thing the tree contains are small tributes to our dearly departed pets. There's a plastic canvas dog house for our old dog Duke, a clay cat ornament I painted to look like our old kitty River... and since we lost dear Russell this year...
I dug up some Fluffy Cat leftovers (colour is Pumpkin Patch) and used a pattern the Yarn Harlot showed on her blog the other day. I modified the ears to make them a little pointier and...
added a tail.

Russell will always be missed, but he'll be with us every Christmas for years to come.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shop keeping

The birthday sale is still on in the shop, but only until midnight tonight. Use the code BOSSCATS35 and save 35% off your order.

We want to make some room for some new beauties we've been working on these past few weeks
 We just got a new shipment of Fluffy Cat Light in, and I couldn't wait to dye some up. I love Fluffy Cat!
 It's absolutely perfect for shawls
And there's my other favourite - Slinky Cat.
There's nothing better than a Slinky Cat cardigan (Lestrange has gotten so much use since the weather cooled!)

Elsewhere, we've been asked if we'd offer some kits for wee Bubbles
So I got some Big Cat dyed up for them, though it will probably be the new year before they make it to the shop. I think 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Wandering Cat Yarns.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Birthday booty - for me and you!

My birthday was yesterday, and it was a nice quiet one. I worked from home, and when Dave got in he took me to my favourite Fish n' Chip shack on the lake for dinner. (No pictures - he's getting a little camera shy in his old age).

On the way home we stopped and he got me a birthday cake
We didn't really need a whole cake ... it's just the two of us, but it's not really official until your name is written in icing. I took some up to Mom this morning.

And in exchange, got to open more presents!
A new project bag - which I've already filled with Cygnus! And a new (to me) gravy boat.
Long-time readers will remember that back in 2012, while having a garage sale with Dad, I came across and old family treasure - Mom's old gravy boat. I snatched it up and rescued it from being sold. But as soon as my brother saw it... well is the real cook in the family, so I thought it only right that he should have it, so I gave it to him.

I've come to regret that decision in the last few years. While he's not undeserving, I went back to serving gravy in a coffee mug... but not any more!

Mom found this one in our favourite antique store. It doesn't have the same memories as the one I gave my brother... but we can make new memories with this one!

 And now for a little present for you. Mom wants to clear some stuff out of the shop, so for the rest of the weekend, use the code BOSSCATS35 and save 35%!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A tale of two scarves

It seems like I'm not quite done knitting Christmas presents....

Dave normally leaves the majority of the shopping/present making to me. It's a good arrangement for us. He hates doing it and I actually enjoy it... and it allows me to keep a better reign on the budget. He might be a little Grinchy about the whole season in general... but no one could ever accuse him of being a Scrooge when it comes time to buy things.

But this year, he said he really wanted to take care of gifts for his Mom and Grandma.... so I left him to it (and took it as a sign that he might be getting a little Christmas spirit back).

So a few weeks have gone by and it turns out, Grandma is taken care of, but he's stumped for his Mom. And admittedly, she's a tough one to gift for.  We sat and threw back ideas for about an hour the other night. Anything she would like/could use, is well out of our budget. And I'm loathe to buy people little gifts that just waste space or gifts without meaning.

So now she's getting a scarf.
 A new design that I'll put up as a free pattern as soon as I'm done. It's a simple one row pattern, and though you can't see it, there s a small bit of lace in there. It will show up nicely once blocked.

I'm using some handspun that Mom gave me. She got it from another Raveler and it's a lovely blend of merino and silk dyed by Twisted Fiber Arts. It will be nice and warm for Dave's Mom, who doesn't drive and takes transit every where.

But this scarf makes it much more unlikely that Dave will get his by Christmas
I've put another three inches or so on it, but that's about it. Oh well, it's still cold and snowy in February!