Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frozen toes

It's been a chilly few days here, though things have warmed up quite a bit today. It's well above freezing and  the snow is starting to melt. Of course, that means a certain someone thinks it's spring again...
"Let me out!!!!"
That is, until he gets out there and get's his paws on the ground.
Oh noes! Frozen toes!
Then it's right back inside.
"I'll just keep you company while you knit"
That sounds like a plan to me, Rocky.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter growth

I am happy to say, I've managed to keep my house plants alive.  It's been two months since I brought my orchid home, and she's still going strong.
One of the bloom stems dropped all of its flowers the other day. But the other one is still going strong.
So gorgeous.
I really can't get over it! I need more orchids!

And Rocky has completely ignored the Lemon Fern and Elephant Ear plants. He hasn't tried to eat them even once! They are doing so well that I decided it was time to repot.
Ol' Ellie* got the terra cotta pot that used to house the mini rose I killed. And she looks quite a home there. Lots of room to flourish

 But I don't have anything else for little Lulu...
So she'll have to wait until pay day for a new home.  But at least she has a butterfly!

*yes... I named my house plants...doesn't everyone?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Roses for winter

With Dad's boot socks off the needles, my lunch time needed a new knit. I flirted briefly with casting on a pair of Christmas socks for Dave, but since I've already got his scarf on the go, I decided to be selfish.

I wanted to cast on for Pirate Danger, but I think it's just too involved for travel knitting, so I went on the hunt for something else. And that's when I remembered Blackrose. 
I'd made a pair back in 2011 out of Jungle Cat. I'd always meant to make another pair, as the colourway I used (Nana's Brooch) didn't allow the beautiful lace panel to really shine. But I have a skein of Twisted House Cat that will

The colourway is Volcanic - an incredibly deep, rich red that's almost black.I cast on early this week.
This is a great pattern for anyone wanting to try lace socks. It's just one small 17-stich panel, and then stockknit for the rest. I've changed to a picot hem, but the orginal calls for ribbing.

With these being a travel/lunch hour project, I don't expect them to be done any time soon. But I think they are going to be stunning when they are finished!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Into hibernation

The weekend brought the snow
My poor little bee garden, all covered in snow
It's not uncommon for it to snow this time of year (it's November in Canada after all) but for where we are in Southern Ontario, it doesn't usually stick. It's mostly just flurries.

This one started Sunday morning and continued on for several days. Not a huge accumulation, but enough to upset a couple of kitties who don't like cold paws.
"Awww... nuts!"
For Tux it's not too bad. He's content to sleep away the winter. Someone else though...
It's a giant ball of pent up energy. He yodels and screams to be let out. When I finally give in, he's back inside within two minutes and yelling again.

Fortunately, we've got a nice long front hall
And a stash of bouncy balls
The hall is long and narrow, so one good throw and it's bouncing left and right and eventually makes it back to the thrower (since cats aren't generally great at fetch).
As you can see, Rocky is a wee bit on the "rotund" side, so a few good throws and he's usually ready for a nap. And I'm more than ready for the peace and quiet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This week must be the week of forgotten projects. Remember this?
It's Princess Franklin. I started a scarf version for Dave way back at the end of January. It was suppose to be a Valentine's present, but I didn't get it done in time. It got tucked away and I figured I'd pick it up again before Christmas.

As Christmas is usually such a busy time, I didn't put it on my list. If I got to it, great, if not, I already have a few things put away for him.

But as you know, my Christmas list is in fantastic shape this year. So the other day, while cleaning up the craft corner, I pulled it out and dusted it off (literally.... I really need to dust on a more regular basis... AH-CHOOOO!)

But the more I thought about finishing it, the more I just wasn't happy with it. About halfway through knitting it, I realized I'd made it too wide. Being loathed to frog, I kept going and finished the knitting.
And as you can see in the first picture, I'd even started some of the weaving.  Put when I pulled it out again, I realized, not only was it too wide... it was really too short. Oh, it was an alright length for someone like me; someone who isn't crazy tall and prefers shorter scarves. But for Dave... over 6 foot and built like a linebacker.... it was just going to look ridiculous!

Let's try this one again, shall we?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Swan song

Remember this?
The pretty little lace cardigan called Cygnus that I designed before we went to Virginia last year? I'd always intended to release the design for sale.

And designing itself is pretty easy, once you get the hang of basic garment construction. Working up the pattern so others can follow what you do? Well that's a little harder. And when it's something like a cardigan that requires multiple sizes... well that's just a whole other can of worms.

So, I made a few notes, but the actual pattern writing got shoved to the side and thoughts of releasing the pattern languished. Until last week.

After  getting my pretty red boots, I was itching for a pretty red cardigan.
Mom had given me some Bugga in Longhorn Beetle back in May before I went to Chicago for another cardigan. I've since fallen out of love with that cardigan, so I started scouring Ravelry for another. I found one, started it, but quickly lost interest.

As I was frogging it, I looked down at myself. I was wearing Cygnus. Being light-weight and white, it's one of my most-worn cardigans (Not to mention, it's really pretty!). I wear it with my sundresses, I wear it with my jeans. Heck, I've even thrown it on over my pajamas in the summer.

And then I started thinking about how nice it will look in red. Then I stopped thinking, dug out my notes, and cast on..
I'm almost through the yoke. And as I've been knitting, I've been working on the math for the other sizes. I've got to dye up some yarn for Samantha, who's going to test knit it for me.

(And yes, this means poor Old Town has gotten bumped to the back-burner again...)

Sunday, November 16, 2014


You know it's a labour of love when I whip out the crochet hook.
I hate crochet... and it hates me right back. I don't get me wrong - I respect the craft. I love the look of crocheted afghans... but actually executing said craft is a nightmare for me.

But Nora's Cat Hat needed a matching pair of mitts.
And since Nora is only two and a half, those mitts needed a string!

I could have done an i-cord, or gone out and bought some ribbon, but I figured a crocheted chained would be quicker...
If not prettier (that might be the saddest looking crocheted chain ever). But it will be inside her coat. And she's two and a half - it's not like she'll care.