Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feeling hot, hot, hot

As I mentioned yesterday, we're in the middle of a heat wave. It's not humid weather, like we normally get this time of year - but it is darn tooting hot.

During the day, the kitties and I pretty much hang out inside with the a/c on, waiting until the sun had gone behind the trees to venture out and check on the gardens
Even then, it's better to retreat under the raspberries where it's cooler.

And poor Bunbun
There's not much he can do but stretch out and try to catch a breeze. You can't see it in the picture, but the poor guy was panting.

I'm sure they have a water supply somewhere, but I have no idea where it is (and we haven't had any rain in almost two weeks, so there's no nice cool puddles)
So I'm keeping a spare plant saucer full of water in the garden for them. Hopefully it helps when they need a little drink.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


With the first sleeve of Sherlock done, I thought I'd take a little break for a day or two and work on something else (probably helped along by the fact that we are in the middle of a wicked heat wave, and the thought of a long-sleeve wool cardigan just isn't getting me too excited.)

So I decided to pick up April Come She May again. I put a few more rows on it and discovered something disappointing.  The pattern is only half done. The sleeve chart only goes to row 41 - but the raglan shaping actually continues on to Row 76. The only instructions are "Continues working rows 1 and 2 up to row 76".

But it's not that easy - placement of the flowers changes because of the increase of the raglan. So you can't just repeat those two rows without some serious forethought.

I sat down Sunday night and charted the remainder out
I'll have to create another chart for the sleeve after the increasing stops too, because there's no chart for the sleeve with decreases.

If I'd paid for this pattern, I'd be annoyed (I got it when it was offered on a free promo). If I wasn't a designer, or a less experienced knitter, I'd be really ticked off. Unless you have a decent amount of experience with charting and top down construction, it would be pretty darn hard to figure out. So a word of warning if this is in your queue - knitter beware!

Monday, July 27, 2015

New arrivals

Sometimes.. I think my grocery store know just how to get me.... just when I think I'm done with the garden for the year.... they go and put out a whole display of large potted perennials...
You know there was no way I was leaving the store with out at least one...
Such a pretty foxglove
Or maybe two...
A nice showy Delphinium
They are in nice large pots, so they can stay there for now.. but when things start to cool off and die down, I've got a lot of rearranging to do in the gardens!

The Gladiolus are putting on a good show
Tux hasn't managed to destroy his cat nip yet, and it's blooming with these delicate little flowers.
The butterfly bush is trying very hard to flower. And it seems to have put up a bunch of new flower spikes, so I'm hopeful it's going to be okay.

And check out the Nasturtiums
 They were barely through the soil less than a week ago. Amazing! These would be another great plant to grow with kids - just for the fast results

Oh - and tomato season has started...
These ones got chopped up and put on Nachos Supreme the other day - but there are lots more coming.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

One down, one to go

Once I finally got a chance to work on it, the first sleeve of Sherlock went pretty quickly
Although, not a quickly as I would like... but that's just because my arms are so darn long. You don't know how many times I stopped to try it on and was tempted to just stop right there thinking "Well short sleeves are okay...", "Maybe half sleeves would be fine...", and "3/4 sleeves is more than long enough..." But for some reason, I just feel this one really needs full sleeves, so I perservered.

And now there's just one sleeve left.  And so long as this week is not like last week, I could have Sherlock on the blocking board by the weekend!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Meet Victor

Since summer began, Dave's been complaining about all the flies I let into the house. But really, it's not me - it's Peno. She doesn't like to be outside with the door shut....

Anyway, since it was his birthday on Monday, and since I'm incredibly sarcastic, I got him a little something extra with his present...
Yep, that's a Venus Fly Trap. And I have named him Victor. I had to go out and buy him a jug of distilled water because apparently our fancy tap water has too many minerals in it and they will kill him. I could collect rainwater, but we haven't had much rain, so I picked up a big jug of water in the automotive department of Canadian Tire. (I'm sure I could have gotten it somewhere else, but I knew I'd find it right next to the coolant, and I was there buying new fuses for Stella... I really spend too much time tinkering with my car...sigh...)
Anyway, other than the special water, caring for Victor is pretty much the same as my orchids. Keep him moist but not soaking.

So far he hasn't caught any flies (not that Dave's given him a chance... that man seems to live with the fly swatter in his hand lately...) but I'm sure he will when he gets a little bigger. And don't worry about him going all Little Shop of Horrors and eating the cats...
He's still pretty darn tiny... we've got a long way to go before I start hearing "Feed me, Seymour!"

Friday, July 24, 2015

FO: Sacre Coeur

Bet you  thought I forgot about this one... well I did.. mostly. In all the hubub with my back, and the craziness that followed, it got tossed in a corner.

I meant to take it with me when I went to Mom's last weekend, but forgot. Then we had plans today, but our schedules got messed up... so I finally just decided to snap a few quick pics myself
This one was a really fun fast knit. It took me just over a month, but that was by no means monogamous knitting. With steady knitting, it could have been about a week.
It used about 500 yards of a merino/silk blend that Mom spun just for me. It was really nice to work with and is very, very soft.
The pattern was great too. It was very easy to memorize and with just two charts. And it's one of those beautiful patterns where you can make any size you want - just change how many times you repeat each chart. And depending on the combination you do, the finished project can end up looking very unique.

Of course, in the middle of July, it's far too warm to wear right now... but it will be lovely come September.

And yes.. that is one of my new dresses I'm wearing with it. They arrived this morning. Super fast shipping - another thing to love about Old Navy.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy place

Evert have one of those weeks where just a million little things build up and by the end of it, you sure you're going right to the looney bin... ?

This week is one of those weeks

Time to go to my happy place
 Aaaahhhhh... fresh strawberry jam on an English Muffin... that helps (seriously, I think this is one of my desert island foods)

This helps too...
Snuggles in the garden with my best bud.

Now, if I can only find some time to knit tonight, I might just be cheery tomorrow...

What's your happy place?