Saturday, February 13, 2016

FO: Dave's boring gloves

A boring pair of fingerless gloves to go with Dave's boring brown toque
... I am very glad to have them off the needles. And in time for Valentines day. I'll wrap them up with the hat and some jelly beans and away we go!

No pattern for this one  - though if I can convince Dave to let me take a decent modeled shot, I may write it up. It used up almost all of a skein of Regia 6 Ply  tweed. So with one sweater, one toque, an a pair of gloves, I got a good haul out of the the 15 skeins I bought last year.

And since the photo for this post isn't overly exciting... here's Tux...
"If you think I'm coming out in this weather... you're nuts!"

Stay warm knitters!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Felines

Rocky is staging a sit-in, protesting the continued presence of winter.... demanding the immediate arrival of spring.
... at least until he hears the can-opener.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Whoooooooo said anything about startitis?

.... cause I think I've got another case of it...
I couldn't help it... I couldn't resist casting on for these mitts any longer...
Colourwork always seems to go so fast - probably because it's easy to see the progress. I'm using some naked Alley Cat, paired with Kroy FX  (colour is Clover) for a nice gradient effect.

But hopefully I've got that out of my system for the moment... because I really have to get back to those fingerless gloves... only 4 days left!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thanks for all your kind words about Tux. He seems back to normal now, so we'll see how it goes. So back to the knitting....

I know it probably doesn't look like it - but there's at least three full repeats added since the last time you saw this
It's definitely not as far along as I would like, but I haven't knit on it as much as I should either. Between being sick, taking care of Tux, and trying to finish Dave's Valentine's present, there just hasn't been much opportunity to sink into the nice rhythm of the lace.

And any time I have had the opportunity...
... someone else decides his needs are more important.

Oh well.. this week is another week and the sky is the limit! Of course, once those dresses arrive, I might get a little distracted...

Monday, February 8, 2016


Poor Tux.

He had a bad night the other night. A very bad night. So bad, I was pretty sure that we'd be making a final trip to the vet on the weekend. Dave convinced me to wait a bit more and see what happened. He seemed to bounce back the next moring, but we both spent most of the weekend recovering on the couch.
He's snuggled in between my legs here (my feet are at his head). We're going to keep a very close eye on him, but hopefully, we're okay for now.
This has to be the hardest part of pet ownership... knowing when its the right time to say good-bye.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The countdown is on

The plague is finally abating. While I was couch-bound for most of it, I didn't have the energy for much knitting.

In fact, it took me several days to finish what should have only been a couple...
One half of a pair of fingerless gloves to go with Dave's  Valentines hat. I've wanted to make him a pair of fingerless for a very long time. He always complains about having cold hands when driving in the winter, but refuses to  wear gloves  (I've bought him a couple nice pairs of leather ones) because they change his grip on the steering wheel and he doesn't like that.

Fingerless should be an ideal compromise... and there's really no good reason that I haven't knit a pair before now.

Obviously, they are little big on my bony hands, but they should be just perfect for his piano fingers. (Another bonus - he can play his guitar outside in the winter!)

Now I've just got to finish the second one before next Sunday.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spring Fling

Our temps have dipped again, and I'm still fighting this horrible bug. But in between coughing fits... just like Rocky, I'm now dreaming of spring.

And it's all Old Navy's fault. Yep. They've brought back my favourite dress in a host of new prints. As you read this, Mr. Postman is working on bringing these three to my door step.
Pink... and Paisley... what's not to love? I absolutely love soft peachy pinks, but for some reason, never seem to have one in my dress collection.... well no longer!
 Warm gold.... and you know just what shoes I'm going to wear this with, right?
Purple and gold... bold but beautiful. (and also perfect with those sandals!)

And of course, new dresses has me thinking about new cardigans I can knit... so how about
Honeybee. (This one has been in and out of my queue several times)
Medallion. ( I think this may go on the needles verrrrrrrrrrry soon)
Or maybe Grisaille.... (too many choices!)

Now what did that darn rodent say again?