Sunday, July 5, 2015

Faerie land

I think I feel a new addiction coming on
Seriously.... I could make these faerie gardens all day long.
A couple fish tank castles from the dollar store make perfect faerie castles
Or at least I could, before my back crapped out on me. Thank you for all your comments by the way- it's better than it was, but I'm still mostly confined to the couch or the bed, with brief bouts of walking in between to keep things from getting too stiff.

But I made these beauties on Wednesday, before the back episode. I started making more because I have a party I'm going to next weekend, and I thought they would make a lovely hostess gift. But in order to have enough variety in each garden, you have to buy several plants. But you don't use the whole plant... so that means there are lots of bits left over that need to be used up...
I couldn't get any more of the large pots, so these ones are quite small and without ornament.
But they really don't need them, I don't think.
They are a mix of Coleus, Hens and Chicks, Scottish Moss, Allysum, and Elfin Thyme. The last three all flower, so in a week or two, they will fill out nicely and be blooming away.

I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with all of them!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


I got Sacre Coeur off the needles Thursday night and onto the blocking board
I had fabulous plans for Friday and Saturday, which included feasting and hiking with my friend, Aneesha. There were also plans for a photoshoot of Sacre Coeur.

But my back had other plans. I woke up Friday morning and just about fell when I tried to get out of bed. My back has been pretty good for the last several months, so I guess I was overdue for an "episode."

And boy is this one a doozy! All plans got cancelled, and I've got an appointment with the chiropractor today.

But it meant  that on Friday, I was pretty much trapped in the house. Now, I could have worked on April or Sherlock..... but you know I was just so upset, I decided to cast on something completely new.

I dug deep in the stash and came up with two skeins of Unplanned Peacock's Kinky Sock.
This was bought way back in July of 2013 on our trip to Virginia. It's one of those yarns that I loved, but had no idea what I would ever knit with it. It's a single ply, so it's not up to something like socks that gets rough wear. The colour is called Botanical, and there's so many different colours in it, it wouldn't work in a shawl with too much pattern.

And then a few weeks ago, I saw Shleeves pop up on Ravelry.
A simple shawl with sleeves - something perfect to wear with my many sundresses - and perfect for my Botanical yarn. So.... trapped on the couch, I cast on.
It's knitting up quite nicely - and with nothing to do but work on it, it's working up quite quickly.  And as much as I enjoy working on it so far, I hope I don't have too much more enforced knitting time... it's far too nice outside and I want to go play!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ready, set, sew

Amidst all the gardening and knitting, I'm trying to carve out time to work on my bear paw quilt.

Last week, I got all the pieces for the paws cut out
I did it up at Mom's because she has all the fancy tools to make the cutting go quicker.

Then I brought them home, and have been slowly piecing them together.
It's going well so far. The squares are quite large (about nine inches) because I have a very short attention span. The quicker the quilt grows, the better.

I got two paws out of each fat quarter (with a little bit of fabric left over) so I've got 12 paws to sew. I'm trying to sew two each night. Once they are done, I'll figure out how I want to put them all together, and search out some more coordinating fabric.

With any luck, I can finish this one in time for winter!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Garden land

Poor Mellow Yellow and Chicago Peace. They've had a bit of a rough go the last few weeks. The lawn service company decided to get a little too friendly with them a couple of times (hopefully that's been sorted out, but it took an angry letter to property management). And whatever took out branches last time, was at it again.

As you can see, they are smaller than the other bushes, but starting to fill in again. Chicago Peace already has a bloom.

As a precaution, I moved the bird feeder
It took no time at all for the birds to find it. It's a little closer to the berry bushes than I would like, but that can't be helped. I don't exactly have a large yard.

And speaking of food...
The food garden is coming along nicely. The weather hasn't gotten really hot, but we've had lots of sun.

In the bee garden...
 The daisies and susans are getting taller and taller!

And the Susans will bloom soon, I think!
And the daisies are going crazy!

Over at the side of the house
The gladiolus continue to grow (no buds yet) but their no sign of either the lilies or the Blazing Star. Either the squirrels got ALL the bulbs, or they were all duds. I'm a little disappointed about that.
 The lilies in the front garden are doing REALLY well and have started to bloom
I love my lilies!

And as for the tree garden... I took some of the dianthans up to Mom's so I've got to get in there and rearrange things so they look nicer. But....
The shamrock is blooming again. It's completely blocked by dianthans, but it must be happy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

I hope all my Canadian peeps are enjoying their mid-week day off. I actually took the rest of the week off too, so my Canada Day will be spent getting the house tidy enough that I can ignore it for the rest of the week, while I run around and have fun. Dave's off, driving one of his cars around in a parade, so it's just me and the cats this morning - the perfect time to get stuff done!

And to celebrate Canada Day with all of you - Mom and I decided it was time for a little sale in the shop.
In honour of our the day, and of our flag, which turns 50 years old this year, every can enjoy free shipping in the shop on any order over $50 (USD). Just use the code CANADA50 at checkout! Sale runs July 1-5, 2015.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lean, mean, green knitting machine

When I showed off Sacre Coeur the other day, Ariagnee told me to knit faster so she could see the colour changes

Well, I aim to please....
I'm actually all the way through the yellow and heading back into the green. I'm also on the edge chart. This one is going way faster than I expected when I cast on. And it's one of those nice patterns that you can pretty much just knit until you run out of yarn. Don't be too surprised if you see an FO post within a week!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bee Mine

Last year we had the bumblebees
(and we've had some this year too)

And so far this year, we've seen
Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bees....
Green Sweat Bees...
... and even an Elm Sawfly (which is neither a bee, nor wasp, but looks like it!)

But at long last... we thought we finally spied...
The coveted Honey Bee
But alas..... our beekeeping friend Natalie has identified it as just another sweat bee.... The sweat bee is a much smaller bee (about the size of a housefly).
But any pollinator is a good pollinator when it comes to flowers
One day, my bee will come